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Report a person activity


This page explains how tu report a person activity

The activity of a person in a company is not frozen : Department, function, full time to part time, …
Every change must be reported in this screen.


  • Activity button of the “People display”
  • Menu People > 4.People Activity


Persons must exist.

Screen view


Activity tab

Report a new person in the company

  • Select a company and a person (F3-Search)
  • Enter a period (YYYYMM format)
  • Enter the start date in the firm and in the activity
  • Occupation : Intellectual or manual (F3-Search)
  • % Occupation : free entry (numerical) (Mandatory)
  • With an F3-Search, select a Function, a Group, a Grade, an Level and a Service
  • In the bottom table, select a Type of contrat (F3-Search), date of beginning and date of end (for a fixed-terms contract). An F3-Search on the Contract column opens a directory in which you can store the contract of the person.

Report a change in the people activity

Every change in a field of this window is a change in the activity and must be reported here.
That means that for every change, a new period must be created

  • Select a company and a person (F3-Search)
  • Create a period (YYYYMM format)
    • The screen downloads the informations of the previous recorded period (green background)
  • Report your changes and press F2

Display a period

  • Select a company and a person (F3-Search)
  • Select a period (F3-Search)
    • Fields in red background are changes between this period and its previous one

Prestations tab

Refacturation tab

Costcenter tab

RSI tab

In RID column, in front of Personne Timix and Personne Salarix lines, enter the Salarix (only for Diekirch staff) and Timix ID of the person.
By this way, the person data entered in HR will be sent to Salarix (only for Diekirch staff) and Timix

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